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Wedding Details : What to bring

What to bring for your wedding day details.

When photographing a wedding, detail shots are typically the first thing to focus on. To streamline the process, it's a good idea to gather all the items you'll be photographing in a single box. This should include things like the rings, invitation suite, shoes, and jewelry. Having everything in one place will make it easier to stay organized and ensure that nothing important gets left behind.

#1 Wedding Rings: The rings are the most important items to bring on your wedding day other than yourself. So any custom boxes that go with them is a plus too. Tip: Match your ring box color to your wedding invitations unless you are using wooden boxes.

#2 Wedding Jewelry: Accessories always help. Any necklaces, earrings, or bracelets you will be wearing during your wedding day are a must add to the wedding detail box.

#3 Wedding Stationary: Make sure to add wedding innovations with extra envelopes, engagement announcements, and save the date cards with envelopes. But you can also include name cards, menus, and programs.

#4 Vow Books: If you plan to exchange vows, vow books make a great addition. Even if its as simple as the covers that say his and hers.

#5 Perfume: If you have a favorite perfume you will be using in a cute bottle the day of your wedding that can really ad something extra.

#6 Wedding Shoes: Adding the shoes or heels you will be wearing during your wedding is a great way to shoe off what you wore on your big day.

#7 Extras: Some bonus items can include garter set, wax seals, wax stamp, ribbons bouquets, and any other extra flowers from your florist.


Groom Details

What should he have ready?

Before he gets ready, having these few items ready to go are very helpful for his detail photos.

#1 His Ring: If he hasn't already given his ring to you to keep safe, his ring is a great thing to add to his detail.

#2 Shoes: Before he puts them on, his shoes or boots are a must have.

#3 Socks: Also before he puts them on, any dress or funny socks are a great add.

#4 Tie /Bowtie: If he will be wearing any kind of tie during the wedding day this is a must.

#5 Accessories: Some great accessories to add are watches, cufflinks, tie clip, suspenders, belts, cologne, and anything he might be drinking while he's getting ready with the boys.


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